We offer sober fresh start scholarships, which include sober living rent, recovery coaching, acupuncture, and support for family members.  We want to support those with substance use disorders with positive steps toward living a substance-free life.  Candidates are given a chance for a fresh start and transition into their new sober live in a safe and successful way without the financial burden of paying rent right after treatment.  Our goal is to support individuals and their families on their path to recovery and a new healthy, lifestyle.

Sober living facilities provide a safe, structured, healthy living environment for men and women to continue to work on what they have learned in treatment and build upon their sobriety while offering much needed peer support.

Recovery coaches help individuals affected by substance use disorder by providing guidance and direction on the journey to recovery. They develop and implement a recovery plan, ensure a strong support system is in place as well as making sure each person is using all the recovery tools available to best reach their goals.

Addiction acupuncture is becoming a complementary treatment in addiction recovery programs. Auricular or ear acupuncture is a popular form of this treatment that involves acupuncture at various points on the skin of the external ear to help ease withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings.

Our family program helps family members gain a deeper understanding of addiction and attain greater confidence in assisting loved ones by developing new tools, resources and support systems.


  • 1 month of rent at a sober house (intake fees not included)
  • 8 sessions with our recovery coach
  • 8 sessions with our acupuncturist
  • 6 sessions required for a family member to attend our family program on Thursday evenings
  • Limited number of scholarships are available each month so not all applications are approved


  • Candidates must be motivated to live in a structured sober house and be willing to work with our recovery coach, Hayley Mathews
  • A family member must commit to attend at least 6 sessions of our family program HELD on Thursday evenings
  • Preference is for applicants to be in a treatment program
  • Attend meetings and have a sponsor
  • Be motivated to live a life of recovery and be of service to others


  • Applicants must fill out our scholarship application form COMPLETELY and submit a personal statement how the scholarship will support their recovery goals
  • Providing a personal reference will be helpful in approving the scholarship
  • To start the process, print and fill out the one page application here Scholarship application
  • Fax or email to Mary Cucarola at 720-583-1915 or
  • Applicant will receive a phone interview after application is submitted