One of our goals at Cody’s Fresh Start is to help end the stigma associated with the disease of addiction, which leads to a cycle of guilt, shame, isolation, and failure, for both the addict and their family.  The addict has a tough time being truthful because of the shame, belief of being flawed and a moral failure.  The parent or family member suffers in silence because of self-blame, guilt, and the helpless feeling which comes with each relapse or setback.  Neither will reach out for the help they need, mainly because of the stigma.

Scientific research tells us addiction is a disease, and the causes are biological, genetic, and environmental.  No amount of willpower or self-discipline is going to make them stop drinking or drugging.  It doesn’t work that way.  Addiction is not a choice; it is a disease, and requires treatment, just like cancer does.  Saying addiction is a disease doesn’t mean one is helpless to it; the brain changes associated with addiction can be treated, and new scientifically-based treatments are being researched every day.  The national organization, Shatterproof, is at the forefront of this innovative evidenced-based movement toward prevention early on, research, and recovery.  Someone, such as Cody, with the disease of addiction, cannot use any amount of the substance without triggering a relapse.  It doesn’t mean treatment failed or the addict didn’t want recovery bad enough.  Cody wanted recovery more than anyone; he didn’t want to be an addict and no one else does either.  The process of recovery is complicated, and it has been proven addicts need long-term treatment, not the 30 days currently offered at most treatment centers.

We will be educating others about addiction through our mailings, brochures, blog, newsletter, website, various workshops, speaking engagements, and charity events.  Our main charity event is our annual golf tournament, which is held in the fall of every year.  We have a silent auction and awards dinner after the tournament, where we invite speakers to talk about the disease.  Last year we had Gary Mendell, the founder of Shatterproof, speak.  His son committed suicide after battling addiction for ten years at age 25, and Gary was motivated to start his organization with $5 million of his own money.  It has grown exponentially over the past few years, and they are doing amazing work in influencing state legislation and treatment research.

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Where Shatterproof’s mission is on a national level, our organization’s mission is on a local level. We want to raise money for local education, treatment scholarships, and recovery support for those affected by the disease. We appreciate your support very much and look forward to furthering our mission of addiction awareness and recovery support with your donations. We are a public charity and your donations are tax deductible. For a detailed description of the science of addiction, please check out Shatterproof at:

For national information, help, and guidance, check out the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence at:

For families who want answers, check out Partnership for Drug Free Kids at: