HELP FIGHT THE OPIOID EPIDEMIC BY BUYING FRESH COLORADO PRODUCE FROM YOUR LOCAL CHARITY – Cody’s Fresh Start Charity Works for one DAY only!  All proceeds go to CFS to help fight this epidemic.

WHEN: Sunday 9/12/21 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

WHERE: Mrs. Condies Salad Company’s warehouse, 3225 Denargo St, Denver, CO  80216 (near Coors Field).  We will be set up outside in the parking lot.

WHAT:  Fresh Palisade peaches, Petrocco Peaches & Cream corn, Rocky Ford melons, Grand Junction tomatoes, roasted chiles and local produce unloaded right from the farms that grow it.

The opioid epidemic or opioid crisis is the rapid increase in the use of prescription and non-prescription opioids in the United States.  Opiates are a class of strong painkillers or analgesic drugs, including those naturally derived from opium, such as morphine and heroin.  Opioids are synthetic and semi-synthetic drugs that are similar to opiates and include such drugs as Percocet, Vicodin, Oxycontin, and Fentanyl.

Overdose deaths, particularly from prescription drugs, fentanyl and heroin, have reached epidemic levels, reaching over 90,000 last year, the highest ever. 

WHAT WE DO:  We are in the trenches trying to save lives from opiate/opioid addiction by providing treatment and sober living scholarships to those in need, helping families deal with their loved ones’ addiction by providing them with education and support, and spreading addiction awareness to end the stigma by speaking, writing, and holding special events.

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Thank you,

Mary Cucarola

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