Due to COVID-19, our annual silent auction is ONLINE this year through  The starting bid is 30% of the value of the item – items donated are new.  There are good deals to be had by everyone, while helping our cause, too.

Open for PREVIEW now!  We are adding items every day until it’s open for bidding.

Bidding starts on September 19th through September 26th.

Our online silent auction will provide funds for treatment and aftercare scholarships to those with substance use disorder and provide funds for education and support for their families. 

Everyone with substance use disorder deserves an opportunity for a fresh start in life. In memory of our founder’s son, Cody, who died from an opioid overdose in 2013, we are committed to providing a fresh start to those who are in need.  We want to change the conversation on how addiction is perceived by most as a moral failing to the treatable disease it is.  Addiction is a disease, not a moral failing.


Mary Cucarola, Founder

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