We  provide a fresh start to those impacted by the disease of addiction and spread awareness about the disease.


Our mission includes these four goals:

1. To promote addiction awareness to end the stigma about the disease.

2. To offer scholarships for addiction treatment to those affected by the disease who can’t afford it, but are committed to recovery.

3. To provide positive emotional support for those who are in recovery and are in need of financial support.

4. To provide positive emotional support to family members affected by the disease of addiction through education and awareness of programs available for help.

These four goals are in line with what I think my son would have wanted us to do in honoring his short life, which involved his heartbreaking battle with addiction.  Our organization is staffed entirely by volunteers, and all proceeds are used to further our mission.


Check out Mary’s story written about Cody on the national addiction organization Shatterproof’s website under the “Memorial” page at:
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