Overdose Awareness Day has been a key remembrance event for those who have died from fatal drug overdoses since 2001.

On August 31 thousands of people worldwide will stand beside the friends and families of fatal overdose victims to reflect on their losses.

The event intends to reinforce the idea that no-one need feel shame or disgrace at the death of someone from drug overdose.

Overdose Awareness Day also presents an opportunity to help the wider community understand that drug overdose is a social issue and no-one is immune to drug harm.

The number of fatalities from prescription pills is growing and August 31 is a chance to warn that medicines are not always our friends. Painkillers and other pharmacy drugs play an important medical role but their use can have tragic long-term consequences.

A silver badge signifying the loss of someone to drug misadventure is the symbol for the day. We invite you to wear the badge to show your sympathy with the aims of International Overdose Awareness Day 2013 with its Prevention and Remembrance theme.

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