Honor a Mom on Mother’s Day with a My Intent Word Bracelet 05-14-17

Send Her Positive Energy and Inspiration!  

Make Her Mother’s Day Meaningful by Giving Her a MYINTENT Word Bracelet and a Donation to Our Cause at the Same Time.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14th.

WHAT’S HER WORD?  What matters most to her? What virtue does she want more of?  What challenge has she overcome?  What is she most passionate about?  You get to choose a word for her and tell her why.


Choose from GRATEFUL, LOVE, LET GO, FAMILY, COURAGE, PURPOSE, FAITH, SERENITY, GRACE, or HIGHER POWER to honor a mom on Mother’s Day, who has been impacted by addiction in some way.  She may be in recovery herself or have a loved one in recovery.  She may have a loved one still struggling with active addiction or have lost a loved one to an overdose or related to addiction. Sending positive energy her way will help her get through the day with love and hope.

OPTION 1:  She will receive a PURPLE (ribbon color of addiction & overdose awareness) BRACELET with a word you choose for her and your personal message along with 60% of the price of the bracelet being a donation to our cause. Price is $25.

OPTION 2:  She will receive everything described above and in addition a message from our FOUNDER about her word, along with 80% of the price of the bracelet being a donation to our cause. Price is $50.

The bracelet is packaged in a natural cloth gift bag with the MYINTENT PROJECT logo. Shipping is included in the price within the U.S.  If you want it delivered within the Denver Metro area, the charge is an extra $15.


MYINTENT PROJECT is a catalyst for meaningful conversations and positive energy.  There is purpose inside each of us and it encourages people to share more truth and inspiration with each other.  It is not a jewelry company – it is a service project.  For more information, go to http://www.myintent.org

Cody’s Fresh Start Charity Works is a nonprofit organization committed to ending the stigma and providing a fresh start to those who are impacted by the disease of addiction.  For more information, go to https://www.codysfreshstart.org

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