December 7, 2016

Yet again, this disease strikes and takes another young life.

I feel compelled to write on here tonight as the reality sets in that I lost one of my very BEST friends to this epidemic Saturday night. We spent so many hours on the phone over the years laughing, pulling each other’s legs, and talking about the things girlfriends talk about. I could tell her anything. Once I got sober I always rooted for her- that she would find a way out and would experience this amazing way of life that I’ve been so fortunate to find in sobriety.

I have sort of become numb to all the people who pass from this disease. I can’t even count how many people I know who have not made it out alive from this disease. Just in the last week, I saw the names of 5 people in my Denver recovery community who lost their battle. It’s terrifying and sad when you become used to deaths related to addiction; it just shows how serious this epidemic really is. I can’t even count the number of people anymore.

The numbness of the tragic deaths went away when I got the call about my best friend. I re-felt all the hysterical emotions I felt when Cody died. I just couldn’t believe it.  I had to put my hands together quickly and get into action so I can still try and contribute to the world in times like these. I was told to practice “giving to the living.”  The truth of all of this is, it isn’t about me. I have not forgotten the hopeless and dark way I used to live; a living hell as a matter of fact with no end of sight and death seemed the easier softer way. I have been blessed to find a way out and recover from my addiction provided I stay willing to go to any length for sobriety and lend my hand out to those who still suffer. And that’s my job today. TO BE OF SERVICE.

On behalf of Cody’s Fresh Start, I am humbled and grateful to help in any way I can to those who still suffer. I hope that more people hop on board and help us fight this! This is a deadly disease and innocent, beautiful lives are tragically ending. If you are struggling, please reach out for help.

I love you Ashley Vreeman. May Cody welcome you to freedom and may God bless you always and forever.

Love and Service,
Jackie Huban


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  1. You are an inspiration to the world. Coming from a family that has both mental health conditions and a tendency to addictive behavior, I applaud your courage and commitment! Living clean and sober is hard work everyday. You do it admirably. We will continue to walk by your side in your journey!!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your friend Jackie, I cannot even imagine the devastation of losing Cody and now your best friend. I think you are so amazing for working so hard to stay sober for so long, and the amazing work you are doing to help others thru Cody’s Fresh Start. You have personally touched my life in a way that is overwhelming to me. You have given my son the chance to get sober and turn his life around and you are such a great example for him to see that it can be done. I just pray that he can win this fight and follow in your footsteps and help others. You are truly amazing and such an inspiration for so many and you should be so proud of yourself. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

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    Cindy- I have been blessed to find a design for living that works even in the hardest times. It’s never easy, but in God’s hands just becomes more experiences I go through that I don’t have to drink through and can maybe give someone else hope. I sure do hope you son follows this path. I am rooting for him and glad I can be an example to him. Jackie

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