Number 1, October 10, 2021

Breaking the cycle is mostly about changing beliefs. We are not born with preset beliefs.

Every belief is learned and conditioned through experience. The more we repeat a behavior, the more we reinforce the identity associated with that behavior. Our identity is literally our “repeated beingness”.

If someone goes to the gym every day, they have evidence they are a fitness buff. If someone goes to the bar every day, they have evidence they are a drinker. We have proof of our identity through our daily actions.

We don’t change our beliefs by snapping our fingers and deciding to be someone entirely new. It is a gradual process. We change bit by bit, day by day, habit by habit. Meaningful change does not require radical change, because small changes in habits can make a meaningful difference.

Our identity emerges out of our habits. Every action is a vote for the type of person we want to become. This is how the process starts for breaking the cycle of any pattern of dysfunction or unwanted behavior.


“Atomic Habits” by James Clear (Chapter 2: Your Habits Shape Your Identity)