STARTS THURSDAY, February 20, 2020 Extended to 6/11/20 Due to Covid-19 on Zoom


The purpose of our family program is to provide education and support to the families and friends of those affected by substance use disorders.  In the ten sessions offered over a 13-week period, you will gain a deeper understanding of substance use disorders and attain greater confidence in assisting loved ones by developing new tools, resources, and support.  You will gain an integrated knowledge of the disease and the stigma associated with addiction and productive ways to combat it. You will obtain a greater sense of peace as a result of shifting attention inward.

Each session will follow a basic format surrounding each topic – check-in, introductions, presentation, discussion, group sharing, resources, and check-out.

All sessions are on Thursdays evenings starting at 7:00 p.m. and ending at 9:00 p.m.  It is FREE to all, but we are limited to 40 participants for each session.  Our organization is picking up the cost of the program to further our mission of addiction awareness.  There will be a variety of speakers for each session, including Mary Cucarola, Jackie Huban, Hayley Mathews, and others who are knowledgeable about the topics.

You can register for the any of the sessions here:

There will be time for visiting afterwards and refreshments available.  We are going to set up a lending library for relevant books to check out and have free brochures, pamphlets, and resources for our participants.

If you have any questions, please email Mary Cucarola at

Session 1:  2/20/20   Our Stories & Substance Use Disorders 101

Session 2:  2/27/20   Enabling Vs. Helping

Session 3:  3/5/20    What is an Intervention? (Guest Presenter)

Session 4:  3/12/20   Creating Your Own Support System

Break for Stay at Home Orders

Session 5:  5/7/20  Mindfulness on Zoom

Session 6:  5/14/20   Codependency Traits on Zoom

Session 7:  5/21/20    Role of Trauma in Addiction on Zoom

Session 8: 5/28/20   The Expectations Fix: Gain Compassion on Zoom

Session 9: 6/4/20   The Role of Stigma in Relapse on Zoom

Session 10: 6/11/20   Finding Your Core Values & Potluck on Zoom

Login for All Zoom Meetings:

Meeting ID: 937 1761 5014

Password: 8GcSL9

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  1. Hello, my name is Yvonne Kuczkowski I would really like to register for Cody’s Fresh Start Family Program, for me and my daughter in law. If you have room will you please call me and let me know 303-707-0725 Thank you

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